919244_625568927470457_478167824_oBank holiday weekends in the UK always bring something special in the way of a party.

I’ve been to a LOT of parties over the years, a lot very “run of the mill” and then there’s a few really stand out ones that you only wish you could relive again and again and again.

Deciding where to spend your “No Work Monday” weekends can be quite tough, there is ALWAYS so much to choose from, and if you live in the South East, people often think the most obvious choice is to head into London and see what the Dance industry heavy weights have to offer.

If I said to you all I’ve had one of the best bank holiday Sunday’s since I turned 18 (and yes that was quite a few years ago) in MAIDSTONE, Kent – would you even believe me?

*Well I did *

An 18 hour carnival hosted by Saved Records (which is one of the most influential house & techno labels out there, headed up by Nic & Mark Fanciulli) which saw a seriously diverse line up that made it one of THE standout party’s happening over Bank Holiday.

3 areas full of music, with one of THE best outdoor spaces I’ve experienced which saw the following headline – Desolat’s first lady of Techno (and Fuse Favourite) tINI, Craig Richards, Keinemusik– for those who don’t know, that includes very much a DJ of the moment “Rampa” and lastly but by no means least Nic Fanciulli & Cadenza Records very own superstar “Andrea Oliva”

I’ve been a MASSIVE fan of Nic Fanciulli for near on 10 years now, remembering the very first time I’d seen him play (with James Zabiela, at Space, Ibiza)

Musically his style is seamless and that driving, bouncy techy feel to his sets always leaves me wanting to carry on partying – so when I heard he was going to be playing back 2 back with his long time friend Andrea Oliva at this party, it was the only place I was going to be for the bank holiday Sunday.

This wasn’t my first time to a Saved party, infact almost a year to the day, I’d paid my first visit to Source Bar for another special party from Saved Records, when they managed to secure Luciano for an exclusive one off set. Needless to say, Saved Records party is a unique atmosphere and this 18-hour carnival was no different.

As a host and someone who is 100% dedicated to his work, Nic Fanciulli is one of the most involved and hard working (not to mention GENIUNE) people I’ve ever met in this scene.

If you look at the line up as a whole you will clearly see that when Saved Records decides to throw a party, it’s about the people and the music.
Too many parties today are the same, in a different venue. For a party to stand out now it needs to think a little outside the box, and if you were lucky enough to be at this party then you will understand exactly what I am talking about.

There was no “politics” Ticket prices were fair right across the board, even the VIP tickets were reasonably priced at £25, a free all day BBQ – very much a mini carnival, festival type feel to it. There was plenty of staff and enough bar areas to cope with all the people there. I saw NO trouble and NO attitude. Staff were friendly, and more than that; each person who was there to party wore a smile and were happy to be around like-minded people.

In all honesty, I didn’t spend much time inside, the “Alleyway” was enough to keep me going all day, but from what I’ve heard from other party goers, the inside had as much going on as outside, just for those with different musical tastes.

Leading up to Nic & Andrea’s B2B set, each DJ did their thing – played perfectly to the crowd, that’s what I like from a party of this kind. Music that fits together, but doesn’t sound the same – each DJ brought their own sound to the party and it just worked.

Of course for many the anticipation was on the B2B set to finish off the “alleyway” at around 3am.

466965_625570250803658_516270775_oNic Fanciulli is renound for those B2B sets from back then with James Zabiela – 2 technically talented DJ’s that played and bounced off eachother creatively in their sets. You always imagine how different DJ’s will bounce off one another when they play B2B, and this is exactly what I was thinking about Nic & Andrea.

Watching Andrea Oliva play B2B with Luciano last year was a real highlight for me at Vagabundos closing, it was magical – a real friendship and mutual respect for one another.

Watching Nic & Andrea play B2B was like a culmination of it all – these DJ’s have been friends for a number of years, and that from the outset was obvious. No doubt about it their sounds compliment one another. It fitted together as much as Nic & James did AND as much as Andrea & Luciano did. It was easy, and when a friendship is the basis for any partnership you know it’s always going to work out well.

There was a real FAMILY atmosphere to the party, surrounding the DJ booth was a lot of happy people having a party. When you see 2 DJ’s who genuinely care about their audience and what they are doing the whole environment changes.

I’ll be completely honest, I was surprised, I don’t think I was expecting Nic & Andrea to be AS good as they were. Individually YES both amazing, and like I’ve said knowing, listening to some of their B2B sets previously, I don’t know maybe I wasn’t expecting the sounds I was hearing. But it worked, and their mutual respect for one another has got to be a major factor.
If you then take a look at the next logical step, Ibiza 2013 is almost upon us, and both Nic Fanciulli & Andrea Oliva are now a part of Ushuaia Saturdays and the new party “Ants” Could we see more of them playing together? Who knows?

Opening weekend has a LOT going on, with Andrea Oliva back on that infamous stage at Ushuaia, and Nic being on the legendary Space opening fiesta line up, I am EXTREMELY excited to be in Ibiza for opening weekend – which in itself is a first for me. My first trip to the Island was in 1998, and in all that time I’ve never done the opening weekend.

Moving forward for Saved Records – September 28th 2013, they are bringing a boutique event to Maidstone to end the summer on a high. There is already a LOT of speculation on the line up to support Nic & Mark Fanciulli – the only thing I can confidently say is that “we won’t be disappointed” and for those who plan on returning to close the Island, I’ve a strange feeling this will be the PERFECT warm up 

914057_625371874156829_881305415_oThis post was written by Clair Trebes

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