Leslee Clarke TatmanLeslee Clarke Tatman has lived and worked here in Ibiza for many years. Starting off as a manager for one of the largest British holiday companies to working with Pete Tong and his Wonderland night. Leslee is currently the Booking Manager at Ibiza’s latest venue, Ushuaia.

Here at Addicted To Ibiza we caught up with Leslee as she prepares for the coming Summer.

Leslee says “My day varies from Summer to Winter. Right now in Winter, I’m based in our HQ preparing the Summer line up, liaising with the promoters & agents getting everything in place for Summer.

As soon as the Summer kicks in I’m based at the hotel to help and assist the production team with each event and generally be on site to welcome the artists & their management team.”

What brought you to Ibiza in the first place?

I first came to Ibiza many years ago as a child with my parents, we stayed in Santa Eulalia. We did a bus tour which took us past Privilege ( it was called Ku then), I was mesmerised by it. From then on I always said I wanted to come to Ibiza when I was old enough to experience it. So as soon as I turned 18 I booked a holiday with some girlfriends and off we went……

After that holiday, it became clear that this was the place that I wanted to be. Several years later here I am, happily living in Ibiza with my husband (whom I got together with here).

Over the years what’s been your personal / professional highlight of your involvement with the island?

I would have to say for me, being part of a major turning point for San Antonio when Pete Tong announced his move from Pacha to Eden. Over the 3 years that Pete was at Eden he paved the way for other DJ’s to come and play in San Antonio where traditionally the never really ventured during their Summer season in Ibiza. It really opened peoples minds and put San Antonio back on the map. I learnt a lot from this experience working with some fantastic people, its helped me get to where I am today.

What does Ibiza have that other similar destinations don’t have to make it so special?

I don’t think that you can really compare Ibiza to anywhere, it has a unique energy that can only be experienced on the island. I think that’s what makes Ibiza so special.

What’s the strangest thing that you’ve seen or been involved in during your Ibiza life?

Coming from a Tour Operator background, I’ve seen so many strange things happen over the years, most that cannot be repeated!

What advice would you give to someone visiting the island for the first time?

Pace yourself, do it right and you’ll never want to leave.

How has the place changed since you first got involved with Ibiza?

Over the years there has been lots of changes to the island, from the roads, to the licensing laws, when I first started coming here Amnesia & Space terrace had no roofs. I like that over the last couple of years the outdoor clubbing has become possible again with the arrival of Ibiza’s newest super venue Ushuaia. It gives the new generation a taste of how it used to be.

If you could change one thing about the island, what would it be and why?

A longer season and cheaper direct flights in Winter. In the last 2 years I’ve been here in Winter we’ve had beautiful weather. If people could get here easily it would certainly be worth while extending the season.

Where would you recommended someone to visit – beach, hotel, bar, club, etc – in Ibiza?

My favourite beach on the island is Es Cavellet, El Chiringuito do a beautiful Champagne Sangria and the food excellent.

If we go out for dinner my first choice is always Pastis in Ibiza Town, it’s a beautiful little French bistro, great food with a cosy & intimate atmosphere.

Ushuaia is definitely a must do especially as it offers the daytime experience, there are so many clubs and bars to choose from on the island. That’s the beauty of Ibiza, its timeless, there’s something here for all age groups.

What is your Ibiza guilty pleasure?

DC10, its the one place where you can go and be yourself or go dressed up as someone else if you really want to ….anything goes.

What do you think the future holds for Ibiza?

Lots of exciting new things to come, just this year alone there are lots of new places opening up on the island with The Ushuaia Tower opening next to Ushuaia, the new Ciprianni club in Marina Botafoch & Pacha’s Hotel Destino. I think its great to see people raising the bar. It gives people a reason to come back year after year.

How would you sum up Ibiza in just 10 words?

A beautiful magical island you’ll never ever want to leave.

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Leslee Clarke Tatman