Addicted To Ibiza Speaks To Clara Da Costa

clara da costaClara Da Costa was one of the first female DJ’s on the island when she held the residency at Es Paradis under the guise of Miss Bisto.

How long have you played in Ibiza?

I have been playing as a resident in Ibiza 21 years this coming summer. I started as a young teenager !

When you first started where was the first place you played in Ibiza?

The first place I played in Ibiza was the Milk Bar in San Antonio which was owned by Nicky Holloway. I think it may now be a Vodafone shop.

What DJ’s/venue/promoter are smashing/ pushing the boundaries it at the moment?

There are a lot of new promoters and DJ´s that started up nights in 2012 that shone. Diynamic Neon Nights at Sankeys with their main residents Solomun and H.O.S.H made a great impact in my eyes. We also saw the launch of Jamie Jones new night Paradise at DC10 with his crew in tow. I was also impressed with the Apollonia (record label) crew which is made up of Dan Ghenacia, Shonky and Dyed Soundorom who also have started hosting their own one offs at DC10.

Then there is of course our own new night that myself, Jason Bye, Andy Baxter & Alex Wolfenden launched at the end of the season called Lady & The Tramps. All four of us go back to back using both digital and vinyl formats, it´s great fun and done with 100% passion. We will be doing more throughout 2013.

What is your maddest Ibiza moment?

Mmmmm my maddest Ibiza moment…there have been a few. One would probably be feeding several sheets tied together down to the ground from my balcony for Brandon (Block) to climb up. There was nothing wrong with the stairs of lift but it was just one of those things. Luckily for Brandon, I was living on the first floor. To be honest there have been a few but the best ones are probably the ones that I can´t remember !

What advice would you give to brand new DJ’s coming to Ibiza?

I would advise any new DJ coming to Ibiza to be, well prepared, do your homework, be polite and network in the right places. Don´t come in like a bull in a china shop with a big ego as you won´t be received well. Go to the nights/events that motivate you and integrate well on the island.

How do you define your sound?

I mainly play deep house or simply just house as it was called back in the day. Over the years I have been influenced by many DJ´s and producers. At the moment I am really into labels like Get Physical, Dogmatik, Apollonia, Purp & Soul and Hot Creations to name a few. I particularly like Dyed Soudorom´s sound and new comers like Harry Wolfman.

Where do you think the music scene is heading in Ibiza?

The music scene is always evolving in Ibiza, that is what makes it the best place on the planet for music and club lovers. There are so many genres & sub genres of music being represented all over the island. The 123 festival that launched last year is a great example of that. Where else would you find Lenny Kravitz and Luciano on the same bill.

Out of all your tunes, which one ‘never fails?’

Very hard question but if I had to choose an old school track, I would say Voodoo Ray by A Guy Called Gerald.

What is your Ibiza guilty pleasure?

Guilty pleasure would probably be getting tipsy when my sister visits and hitting a terribly tacky karaoke bar !! shhhhh

What are your plans for Ibiza 2013?

I am really excited for summer 2013. I have so many things planned but am not quite ready to announce anything just yet. I will be continuing with my show Jacks House on Ibiza Sonica Radio which I love and am so grateful for all the support as the show is doing really nicely. I put a lot into preparing that hour every week and enjoy the live element.

I will also be releasing some new production just before summer sets in. I will also continue with my residencies etc..

You can catch Jacks House live from Ibiza every week from 18:00 19:00 or 17:00 18:00 (GMT) on that is of course unless I am Djing off the island. I am particularly looking forward to playing at the huge Clockwork Orange anniversary this March in London. I never seen such a huge old school lineup !!

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