A Quick Chat With Jonathan Ulysses, We Love @ Space Resident DJ

Can we have a brief biog/history about you and where you have been playing for the Summer 2012 season. How was the Summer for you? 

I have been DJing for around 20 years, I have been resident for Space for around 15 seasons. I play mainly at We Love on the terrace on a Sunday. I also did some Carl Cox Revolution parties. I did some other bits for Es Paradis and Ocean Beach Club as well as playing the UK, Austria, Germany and Dubai throughout the Summer.

How long have you played in Ibiza?

I have played in Ibiza 20 Summer seasons, so I have been around a while.

When you first started where was the first place you played in Ibiza? 

The first place that I played in Ibiza was a club called Extasis (close to the egg) in San Antonio. I could not mix very well and I played RnB, Soul and Drum & Bass. I was not a very good DJ  at mixing but I had a lot of fun!

What DJ’s/venue/promoter are smashing/ pushing the boundaries it at the moment?

I think that Hot Creations are doing really great things with their party called Paradise at DC10. I also like Richie Hawtin’s “Enter” at Space. “We Love” always set a trend by staying in front with the DJs that they book and the events that they have been putting on for so many years at Space.

What is your maddest Ibiza moment?

My maddest moment in Ibiza would be playing rounders in the day light with Spoony, Mikee B, and Timmy Magic with some friends at a villa party after some drinks and partying in 1997. I would say that my team won the rounders match in the end but it was very crazy party that went on for a few days.

What advice would you give to brand new DJ’s coming to Ibiza? 

I would tell them to bring a lot of music and enjoy the company of friends and just try to enjoy the experience as best as you can. Go to the “Hang Outs” like Mambo and Ocean Beach Club and network with everyone as you never know who you could be partying with, as in the end it could change your life.

How do you define your sound? 

I define my sound as “jacking up tempo house” music with some classics thrown in with vocal tracks for fun!

Where do you think the music scene is heading in Ibiza?

I think Ibiza is a leader in Dance Music so it is hard to pin point one style. There is a movement for the deep sound but there is also a movement towards tech house. However EDM is very popular too. I feel that Ibiza represents all those styles of music with all different types of DJs and producers playing all these styles of music in Ibiza.

Out of all your tunes, which one ‘never fails?

Donna Summer “I Feel Love”

What is your Ibiza guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure are the beaches and the restaurants in Ibiza. The food is great and the beaches are great places to chill out after a long day playing music in the clubs.

What are your plans for Ibiza 2013? 

I will return with my residency at We Love on Sundays as this is very important for me. I love playing music on this day with the great crowds that come every week. The sound system in Space is second to none and it really is best thing for me to play music there. I have some other things lined up but I think I will hold that down until closer to the Summer.

Anything you would like to add….. 

If you want to know where I am playing check my website www.jonathanulysses.com where you can go to my Soundcloud and Mixcloud and check the links for free downloads and tracks that I have produced.

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