Tristan Ingram 1Addicted To Ibiza Speaks To Tristan Ingram

Tristan Ingram has been on the island and held many residencies over the years. Playing at Space, Eden and his own night Random at Hush to name just a few. Lets get a brief insight into the life of an Ibiza Resident DJ!

How long have you played in Ibiza?

Professionally for 10 years.

When you first started where was the first place you played in Ibiza?

The first place I ever played was Kilties in the West End. Jane who has gone on to become a good friend gave me the opportunity.

What DJ’s/venue/promoter are smashing/ pushing the boundaries at the moment?

For me I’m right into Jay Lumen, Shonky, Huxley, Gary Beck, Tim Green, Richie Hawtin, Nic Fanciulli & Carl Cox. Venue wise DC10 Space & Ushuaia and having it off!

What is your maddest Ibiza moment?

To many to mention or to write on here. Waking up on a sun bed at Bora Bora with just my jeans on and and burnt like a lobster in my 2nd year, I will always remember that.

What advice would you give to brand new DJ’s coming to Ibiza?

Meet promoters go to their nights & network. But the main thing is to keep yourself grounded. There are so many unknown DJs out there with HUGE egos and they have not even played anywhere decent. Remember your just starting out, be nice to people, respect them as they have been here a lot longer than you!

How do you define your sound?

House music all night long. Deep & Tech. No David Guetta or Rihanna requests please a DJ is not a Juke Box.

Where do you think the music scene is heading in Ibiza?

It’s divided. Its going really cool and underground in some places and commercial and main stream in others.

Out of all your tunes, which one ‘never fails?’

Electronic Youth – I Wish – my secret weapon in Ibiza for 2012

What is your Ibiza guilty pleasure?

Sa Capella – My favourite place in Ibiza. The food is amazing, the staff & service is just as good!

What are your plans for Ibiza 2013?

Big plans happening watch this Space!

Anything you would like to add…..

Yes checkout my links for some great tunes and mixes