A Brief Interview With DJ Lee John

Can we have a brief biog/history about you and where you have been playing for the Summer 2012 season. How was Summer 2012 for you?

I have been fortunate enough to survive 12 successful years as an Ibiza veteran keeping the flag flying high. Serving as a long term resident helping to keep the seasonal Ibiza party goers marching to the iconic sound of dance music!

I am into my 8th year as resident DJ and Boat Party Co-ordinator at dance institution Judgement Sundays working alongside the conductor of the orchestra Judge Jules. In addition to this the simple moto is… SLEEP WHEN YOU”RE DEAD (SWYD)

How long have you played in Ibiza?

12 years and still going strong!

When you first started where was the first place you played in Ibiza?

I got my break playing as resident and helping to curate the brand new concept bar Funky Flares, located in the West End of San Antonio. I put my individual musical twist and stamp in a way I thought people would want to hear music from a bar based around the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s eras.

What DJ’s/venue/promoter are smashing/ pushing the boundaries it at the moment?

Carl Cox can’t be faulted with anything he touches at the moment. His events at Space are revolutionary (no pun intended!). Other than that the most stand out sound and curators at present have to be the guys of the ‘Hot Creations’ label/brand which is made up of Jamie Jones, Lee Foss and the rest of the new era deep house camp! To experience this just check out nearly any event at DC10 in Ibiza 2013!

What is your maddest Ibiza moment?

The time I went out for 3 days solid without sleep. I still played my gigs at night then just went back out as soon as I finished. On day 4 I was literally hallucinating from sleep deprivation.  Would I do it again…? Yes!

What advice would you give to brand new DJ’s coming to Ibiza?

Be different and don’t just turn up with the Beatport Top 100 on a USB drive! Try and be individual and express an innovative style and most importantly try and stand out from the rest. Definitely don’t be musically selfish! Popular music these days can be cool, it isn’t just about the most underground track you found on some rare website no one has ever heard of!

How do you define your sound?

Played with a uniquely technical and animated style… HOUSE!

Where do you think the music scene is heading in Ibiza?

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is rocking the world at present, with the likes of Guetta, SHM and Avicii to name but a few. With the way cycles go it could be time to go back to a more traditional house sound, especially now with the greatly received sound of the new age Deep House genre from Jamie Jones etc.

Out of all your tunes, which one never fails?

Daft Punk – One More Time

What is your Ibiza guilty pleasure?

The party scene and notorious late nights that become a bit of a vocational hazard!

What are your plans for Ibiza 2013?

I’m going for the record of playing as many boat parties and consecutive club gigs in a row (oh and drink 1 or 10 drinks in the process, god bless the Hierbas!)

Anything you would like to add…..

The party starts at the end of April and finishes at the beginning of October. Come and join in the shenanigans and jump aboard the party bus! #ibiza2013 #SWYD

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