Ocean Beach ClubAddicted To Ibiza Speaks To Duane Lineker, Owner Ocean Beach Ibiza

Duane Lineker is one of the owners of the recently opened Ocean Beach Ibiza and the owner of Linekers Bar on the beach front in San Antonio. Addicted To Ibiza grab a quick moment to find out about his time in Ibiza.

What brought you to Ibiza in the first place?

I first came to Ibiza to open Linekers bar. My Dad had found an amazing location for it in San Antonio and was very excited to get started on this Island.

Over the years what’s been your personal / professional highlight of your involvement with the island?

There have been lots of highlights in a professional way, with opening Linekers in 2008 to opening Ocean Beach Ibiza in 2012. However on them nights I am usually very stressed with trying to get things finished still so don’t really get chance to enjoy the moment. So on a personal note the best night out would have to be Space opening in 2008, I had never seen anything like that before then.

What does Ibiza have that other similar destinations don’t have to make it so special?

The diversity of tourists and residents is what I think makes Ibiza so special. as well as being a beautiful Island, the atmosphere is always so good and everyone seems to be in a happier place when they are in Ibiza.

What’s the strangest thing that you’ve seen or been involved in during your Ibiza life?

Too many to mention and too many that are to disgusting to mention! There is a guy that walks around San Antonio on his own at the same time every summer dressed as a school girl, that’s quite disturbing but that’s pretty much routine for Ibiza I guess.

What advice would you give to someone visiting the island for the first time?

Don’t book a return ticket, your bound to miss your flight if you do!

How has the place changed since you first got involved with Ibiza?

I think Ibiza evolves and it is always changing with new parties, new genres of music, new DJ’s & clubs. However at its heart is the same ethos that creates a great atmosphere and way of life, so I don’t think i changes to much.

If you could change one thing about the island, what would it be and why?

I wish the season was longer. The island is beautiful in April & October and if the flights, hotels and clubs would stay open there is not a reason why we couldn’t have a full 6 month Summer.

Where would you recommended someone to visit – beach, hotel, bar, club, etc. – in Ibiza?

I love Cala Bassa beach for day time relaxing. Ushuaia is a special type of hotel although you wouldn’t get any sleep if you stayed there. I love San Antonio for the bars especially around Linekers area as its always lively but not as full on as the West End. My favourite club is Pacha but not sure what night any more. Lio is an amazing place for drinks and dinner but very very expensive! Obviously my favourite beach club is Ocean Beach. The party starts at 12 and finishes late so its a venue that caters for your every need.

What is your Ibiza guilty pleasure?

Flower Power at Pacha, although I don’t feel guilty about that at all! Its amazing and I think its cool because its so cheesy!

What do you think the future holds for Ibiza?

The future is very exciting for Ibiza with more and more diverse tourists being attracted to the island, I hope this creates a longer season in the future.

How would you sum up Ibiza in just 10 words?

Ibiza is stunning, inspirational, diverse and you can always find a party!

What is a normal day for Duane Lineker?

My normal summer day is spent at Ocean Beach Ibiza trying to make sure everything is set up so our clients can enjoy their day and relax or party as much as they please.
Duane can normally be found hanging out at Ibiza newest and best beach club – Ocean Beach Ibiza or at Linekers Bar.