This coming Saturday the newest club in the Pacha franchise will open its doors in Sydney Australia.

In attendance will be the founder and owner Ricardo Urgell of Pacha Ibiza who has never attended an opening outside of Spain before.

Pacha Sydney’s executive producer Stuart Couzens is promising that the iconic Ibiza club night take centre stage in the Sydney club scene

“It will be world-class entertainment every week,” Stuart said. “Acrobatics, performers, dancers, even guys flying through the air. It’s going to be a spectacle. They’ve been in rehearsal for a couple of weeks now.”

And Couzens said he’s relishing the opportunity to show Urgell the end result of month’s of planning.

“Ibiza is Ibiza, you can’t compare. But a little piece of Ibiza is coming to Sydney. This isn’t going to be anything like we’ve seen in Sydney before.”

Pacha opens at the Ivy this Saturday night, with Dutch DJ L.