Heavy Storms In Ibiza

Well what a difference a day makes! Last night raining today 22 degrees and sunny!

Yesterday we had probably the worst storm of the year. It started raining in the morning and carried on through the night into the small hours.

Now for those of you that have not lived or been in Ibiza when we have massive storms three things happen very quickly. One, the drains cannot take the deluge of water so everthing floods very quickly. Two, the electricity normally always goes off for a bit of time. However the worst thing is, if the electricity stays on we always lose the TV signal especially on our Sky TV boxes! The worst!!!

One thing I have noticed too, is just how badly buildings are made here. Today I was in the new gym and sports complex on the way to Cala Salada and there was so many leaks coming through the roof.

Take a look at the picture below to see the rain from last night. This was taken at the roundabout near Pacha in Ibiza town.