So Addicted To Ibiza is back after around a year without a site!

Where has website been you may be asking yourself?

Well, we started to put together the new site just before the start of the Summer 2012 and as you may or may not know, once the Ibiza Summer ball is rolling it is very hard to catch up on things! However we are here now and we want to get back to how the old site was, but it will be bigger, brighter and better!

Here at Addicted To Ibiza we are going to get keep our information as fresh as possible. Bringing you all the news and gossip straight from the horses mouth here in Ibiza. We will still keep you up to date with all our favourite DJ’s news, bring you latest mixes, interviews and reviews. This year too we will be coming live and direct from behind the scenes of some of the biggest parties and gigs on the island, so stay tuned!

We also want to here from you too. We would like your input on what you would like to see on our new site. We want to here your stories from Ibiza and will be asking some of you to write guests posts on how your time went in Ibiza.

We will also be interviewing some of the main people on the island from all walks of life. From dancers to DJ’s, PR’s to Players we will be speaking to everyone!

Do not be afraid to contact us here to ask any questions or to put forward any suggestions you may have.

So it the meantime, thanks for checking out our all new site, spread the word that Addicted To Ibiza is back!!