Want to spend a summer working in Ibiza?Ibizavirgin It can be tough! Jennifer Eric went there to work a season and ended up getting ripped off and screamed at on a daily basis. She still came away loving the island and has written a book about her experiences that all wannabe club staff should read. She arrived a self-confessed Ibiza virgin, but as well as simply wanting to check out the legendary clubbing Mecca she was also there to write her MBA thesis. This meant working as VIP manager of one of the major clubs to complete her research, where she found her slick attitude at odds with the huge clubland egos encountered.

Ibiza Virgin recounts screaming arguments when a range of dodgy characters try to show her who’s boss. Greed, disorganisation and inflated egos are never far away when you scratch the underbelly of the club industry particularly in the cut-throat world of Ibiza.

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