The Internet is teeming with guides to the Ibiza restaurant scene. But if you are lusting after something off-the-beaten-path that you don’t mostly see in the tourist listings, check out our hot tips below.

279004_10150222286632023_506292022_7560587_6976231_o 3. Restaurant 2000

A hectic weeklong Ibiza schedule of hip restaurants and achingly cool bars can leave you yearning for something a little simpler. When we need a break from house music and the scene in general, we get in the car and head north to Benirrás beach. Sundays aside, Benirrás is a quiet bay and the family-run fish shack Restaurant 2000 at the end of the beach is the perfect spot to while the day. Expect a casual affair, with fresh grilled fish, ice-cold Cava and local specialities. As you recharge you can relax and watch the sun go down without a DJ in sight.

2. La Brasa

Sometimes you just really need red meat, but if you’re trapped in the more touristy parts of Ibiza Town and can’t make the trek to Balafia or Can Caus, your quest for a proper steak may feel like a lost cause. There is hope in sight. Hidden just a block away from the harbour craziness is a laidback garden restaurant called La Brasa. Offering an amazing BBQ and perfectly cooked steaks, you can dine outdoors in their romantically lit tree-covered terrace, without an über-club parade to spoil the view.

1. Cala Bassa Beach Club

It might be just fifteen minutes from San Antonio, but the scene at newly-opened Cala Bassa Beach Club is a world away from the craziness of San Antonio town. Top Barcelona chef, David Reatres, oversees the kitchen at Cala Bassa which offers three dining options, ranging from a full menu of contemporary Iberico dishes using locally sourced produce at the restaurant, to a quick beachside snack from the shack. It’s also the perfect spot to watch the sunset with a properly mixed cocktail in hand.