In preparation for the Judgement Sunday closing party taking place on the 25th September at Eden Ibiza, The Squatters are getting ready for their final DJ battle. Addicted caught up with Alex and Oli of The Squatters, who will be playing back to back with Micky Slim, to talk tunes, Judgement Sundays and future plans…

The boys are currently rounding off a few special bits in the studio that have been prepared especially for this final Judgement event: ‘We can’t wait to get back on the island for the final battle! Alex is hitting the sun beds as he doesn’t tan very well, he usually looks like a lobster. Oli on the other hand is half Italian so he goes golden brown instantly!’ Squatters - 500 x 500

This is certainly not their first time playing at the Judgement Sunday events. All summer they’ve been sending crowds crazy with their tracks. ‘A track we always play that gets the crowd going at every gig we play has to be our remix of the oldskool track “Up To No Good” by the Porn Kings. We never released this so it still remains a weapon of choice in our DJ sets.’

They’ve been playing a few of their brand new tracks “Sucka Punch”, which was released last month and their forthcoming release “Zippyshare” which is released on 10th October: ‘These have been doing some serious damage on the dance floor. After all we did create them especially for this crowd.’

They describe Judgement Sundays as different to any other event that takes place on the island. ‘We have been going there as fans for many years and now it’s great to be behind the scenes of it all. Everybody in there feels like part of the event from the clubbers to the organisers. It’s like one big Judgement family.

They added: ‘We have had a lot of international fans come to see us and it’s great to be able to get up close with them. With Ibiza being the central hub for clubbing it’s not just a British crowd and it’s great to see everyone enjoying themselves together.’

Year in, year out The Squatters end up in Ibiza, even if it’s just for a couple of days in between gigs: ‘We love the place! It’s starting to feel like a second home. There’s something magical about the island! And where else in the world is totally devoted to partying on this scale?’

The boys favourite places include a little Tapas bar in Ibiza Town, at the bottom of the castle entrance, which they say does the most amazing food and wine. They also enjoy spending time at Golden Buddha: ‘Chilling out with a few mohitos, watching the sunset. We don’t often get chance to hit the beaches but when we do Cala Banirras is a beautiful place to chillax.’

The Squatters cannot believe summer is almost over: ‘We’ve had so much fun out in Ibiza this year, especially playing for Judgement Sundays. We’ve made lots of new friends on the island and will be venturing to see them through the winter months. We’ll be sad to leave here.’ Square Logo with heads

The fun does not end there though, as The Squatters have plans of getting back in to the studio, lots of photo shoots and performances around the world. ‘We are running events back in the UK as well and we want to make them extra special through the winter to keep the excitement going for our fans until the summer is back.’

With many plans in the pipeline, the future is looking far from bleak: ‘Our record label is going really well (Whats Your Status?) and we have even bigger plans for it for 2012. We are also looking forward to playing in the USA next year and a whole other bunch of international gigs.

‘We are working on collaborations with other artists in the studio and we will continue to listen and talk to our fans, as they are the people we do this for.’ Watch this space…

Judgement Sunday closing party takes place at Eden Ibiza on 25th September