Whether you’re going to Ibiza or just want to pimp up your iPhone or iPad with some Ibiza-inspired awesomeness, here’s our choice of five essential apps you can’t be without. There are a ton of Ibiza apps on the App Store offering the usual events guides and travel advice – you can find them easily by typing ‘Ibiza’ into the search box. Rather than just listing apps you can easily track down yourself, in this rundown we have suggested some less obvious apps that will indispensable Ibiza accessories, whether you’re at home or on holiday.

Ravelight 5. Rave Light

It’s a painfully simple app that never ceases to entertain on the dance floor. Rave Light fills your iPhone screen with a colour that changes as you move your phone around. The faster you move your phone – say, if you’re jumping up and down to David Guetta’s Sweat – the faster the colours change. Cool, right? Download now.

4. VidRhythm

Take some snaps of your mates in Ibiza and use them to make a music video to accompany your Ibiza anthem of the season. VidRhythm is a really neat app for making music videos – it’s easy, fun and the perfect way to occupy yourself during the plane ride back home. Download now.

3. Dance Nation

If ‘Rave light‘ isn’t enough to impress your crowd, the Dance Nation app should do the trick. Turn your phone into an old-school LED scroller with shout-outs like “TURN IT UP!” or “GOD IS A DJ” in glorious neon. Okay, so this app might not have enduring appeal, but even if its a one-hit wonder we reckon it’s worth the 69p price tag. Download now.

2. DJay 

Djay Deep down, everyone wants to be a DJ. Realistically, few of us really have the skills – anyone who has had the misfortune to go to a house party where an amateur is painfully but enthusiastically scratching discs all night long can attest to this. The iPad app can help out the bedroom mixer by automating some key DJ skills such as beat matching… and can easily be switched to a mix on your iTunes library when you want to pretend you are mixing but are really just touching the screen. However you use it, this app looks pretty damn cool. We’ll never have a party without it. Download now. (Or check out this similarly awesome app for the Mac: VirtualDJ)

1. Addicted to Ibiza

Okay, we know, it’s cheeky putting our own app at the top spot in the list, but what else did you expect? On top of the island guide, with event listings and a venue map to find your way around Ibiza, you can use the Addicted to Ibiza app to stream exclusive DJ mixes and chat to other Ibiza addicts. Check it out now!