2011 has been a hectic year for Mark Doyle. Since leaving Hed Kandi in 2006, the clubbing uber-brand he set up seven years earlier, Mark has been working on his new label, Fierce Angel, signed a partnership deal with Strictly Rhythm and released a brand new compilation CD.

Addicted caught up with Mark to find out more about Fierce Angel, why he loves Ibiza and what he has in store for the future.


‘Fierce Angel is more than just a record label, as we involve ourselves in live events and will shortly be launching a few brand extensions’ said Mark. He described the label to be a natural extension of what he was doing at Hed Kandi: ‘it’s all about providing great music and entertainment to people who love to have a good time.’

He adds: ‘In philosophy and music style Fierce Angel are very similar to Hed Kandi during the years 1999-2005. This period was the time I was there and running the label and it was very much created around my personal tastes in music and general beliefs.’

Launching Fierce Angel is not the only success for Mark. He has recently signed an amazing partnership deal with the legendary Strictly Rhythm, signed a number of new artists projects and released a new compilation CD.

The new compilation CD, Fierce Angel/Hotel Es Vive 2011, features three different styles across three mixes. ‘The first mix is very much a classic Ibiza poolside chill mix, the second is much more vocal disco affair and the third takes things a little darker and dirtier.

‘It is a broad collection of some of the finest summer tunes, with a few classics thrown in for good measure.’

As he travels around the world, permanently attached to his laptop, he describes his job as a constant obsession, which is made easier by his wife working alongside him. When asked what the favourite thing is about his job, Mark answered with: ‘Getting to travel around the world, playing amazing music in fantastic nightclubs and finding and releasing great music to the public.’

2011 has been a seminal year for Mark and his career. ‘It has been a hectic summer! The new Es Vive compilation is one of the highlights of this summer, I’ve been able to play in both Mexico and Taiwan for the first time and our launch party at Es Vive was spectacular.’

Mark has been travelling to Ibiza for nearly 20 years now and the island constantly surprises him. ‘It’s an amazing melting pot of musical talent and unique people.’ He has recently fell in love with a new restaurant which opened this year, called Como and enjoys to spend his time at his base camp, Es Vive.

The future certainly does not seem bleak for Mark and Fierce Angel, with a compilation in work called ‘Deeply Fierce’, a number of new artists to be released, their radio station set to hit stations worldwide and a touring schedule taking them from Australia to Dubai and all around the world.

Check out Fierce Angel on www.thefutureisfierce.com and tune in to the 4 hour radio show on demand 24/7 at www.jazzfm.com. Click here to preview and download some Fierce Angel music.