With only a few weeks to go until the opening parties, here are Addicted's top tips for the body-conscious among who want to get in shape for Salinas beach.

1. Want a flat stomach to look great in your bikini or swimming trunks? Sit-ups and other ab exercises won't shift any excess pounds on your belly – even although it helps make them more visible. Therefore we is cardio.

Do 4 x 25-30 minutes of running, cross training or cycling each week to shift those excess pounds and help tone your abs.


2. Diet is key: eating the right food in preparation for Bora Bora beach is essential. Keep those fat levels low and try to shift towards a Hugh protein low carb diet to get that lean look.

Avoid chips/french fries, chocolate, cakes and fried foods. Attempt to reduce simple carbs like white bread or white pasta and replace with brown rice.

Increase levels of the good stuff such as high-protein foods like chicken breast, fish, turkey and sushi. Snack on almonds, fruit and protein shakes.

3. Get your rest: training hard and eating well is important, but it is also crucial that you don't neglect your body. That means plenty of rest and aiming for 8 hours sleep every night.

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