Last season, Addicted caught up with legendary electro house DJ Felix da Housecat just before he played a series of gigs at We Love Space. To get us ready for 2011, we revisit the interview with some of his top tips for summer on the island.

Addicted: Let's kick off by talking about Ibiza. This summer you are playing some dates at We Love Space. What's your favourite thing about playing at Space?

Felix: I love We Love Space because they let me be me and do whatever I want. I can totally be myself there.

Addicted: There is always talk of somewhere being 'the new Ibiza', whether it's Brazil, Greece or somewhere else.  What do you think makes Ibiza unique?

Felix: There is only one Ibiza and it’s still doing its thing after all these years: sin!

Addicted: Tell us about the first time you went to Ibiza.

Felix: Oh my god, the first show I was ever booked to play in Ibiza was Sundissential at Pacha. They put me up in this horrible hotel. I mean, the worst hotel I have ever seen. There was no TV in the room! I called  the promoter to complain and he said I wouldn’t need a TV in Ibiza. Sure enough, he was right! That night my Ibiza virginity was taken; my Ibiza cherry was busted.

Addicted: Apart from Ibiza, where's your favourite place to play in the world?

Felix: I love playing in Spain, Brazil and Mexico.

Addicted: Your new album, He Was King, comes out next month. What were your big influences when composing this album?

Felix: I try never repeat myself on any album I do.  I am always pushing myself creatively to another level.  Sometimes I reach back to old ideas and make them newer and fresher, but I felt really relaxed, stress-free and happy on this record.

Addicted: 'We all wanna be Prince' is the first track on your albumIt begs the question …do you wanna be Prince?!

Felix: I am a leader not a follower so I don’t wanna be him.  I just love him!

Felixweb1 Addicted: Aside from tracks on your new album, what tunes are playing when you DJ this summer?

Felix: Felix CartalD.I.M. and Ducksauce

Addicted: Looking at your DJ schedule, you're on the road a lot! When do you find time to make music?

Felix: When I am on the road I just find studios and jump into them to work.  I am always trying to stay active and busy.

Addicted: What do you do to chill out?

Felix: Chill – that word does not exist to me.

Addicted: And finally, what is your top tip for anyone coming to Ibiza this summer?


Addicted: Felix da Housecat, thank you and see you at Space!