So a few weeks back we asked our Facebook community about their essentials for Ibiza.

We've been getting ready for our trip as the addictedtoibiza crew make it to the white island this weekend and wanted to share our essentials for Ibiza!
Passport for Ibiza

1. Passport, tickets and money
no one wants to be without their passport, since no passport = no party! Having your flight details printed out plus plenty of euros to spend/travellers cheques. 

xtg swimwear
2. Swimwear
whether it's a one piece or a bikini, baywatch style speedos or board shorts, you'll want to look great on the beach! That's why we've packed some of our favourite XTG swimwear.

Visit for their full range of swimwear.

ipod & speakers for Ibiza

3. music-

The addictedtoibiza team can't live without music. So whether it's your iPod and headphones for the beach, or a pair of speakers to plug it into so that you can have your own afterparty, music is essential for any Ibiza addict.

xtg beach towel
4. Beach towel

you don't want to be on that beach with a scruffy hotel – so funk it up with a beach towel! The brighter the better we say =)

Addictedtoibiza iPhone app
5. The addicted to Ibiza iPhone app-

yes if you haven't already downloaded the addictedtoibiza iPhone app as we've just had a major price crash. Download it now for the small price of £1.19 / €1.59 / $1.99 USD.

Find out more here or visit the Apple App Store.

sexy xg underwear for men & women
6. fresh underwear & clothes

if you're hoping for a little romance in Ibiza, make sure you've got fresh underwear. Some flattering clothes would be great too!

7. Toiletries

Toothbrush? Toothpaste? Shampoo? Shower gel? Razor? Soap? Make sure you've packed it all so that you can stay hygienic and clean 🙂

sun lotion

8. Tanning lotions

whether it be sun block or tanning oil, make sure you're covered when you are out in the sun. Oh and don't forget the after sun in case it does get too much!


Maximuscle Cyclone bar
9. Supplements & snacks-

Keeping your food intake up whilst partying is key. So pack some some protein bars or shakes to keep your protein levels high and keep you looking great.

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designer sunglasses

10. Sunglasses-
Look stylish and protect your eyes with a stylish pair of sunglasses.


Oh and don't forget your camera to take lots of pics to upload and share with us on Facebook!