As much as Addicted loves hopping from one Ibiza super club to the next, the true Ibiza aficionado knows that the secret beach party is where the real fiesta happens. The secret beach party scene is the white isle at its most raw, with the party address texted to you a few hours before it all kicks off. More laidback than a night at Pacha, the private beach party transports you to a different place where a vodka+coke doesn't cost €19, where fun is the only thing on the agenda and where you can dance until the sun rises over a deep blue sea (or until the police arrive, whatever comes first).

We have a very special invite to a secret beach party to pass on to all our readers who are checking Addicted to Ibiza on the isle right now. Thursday, August 26th will see a party on a spectacular private beach. This event is totally free but only for those that know. The organizers are keeping the location close to their chest, they want people who are willing to seek this out to be there on the day. Please contact them at to find out where this event is happening.

Have a good one – and if you make it to the party, be sure to use the comments box below to let Addicted know how much fun you had.