All clubbed out and desperate for something a bit more cultured? Jump in your hire car. It's called a 'Seat Ibiza' for a reason. Outside Ibiza's main resorts you can discover UNESCO World Heritage sites, natural wonders, traditional villages and isolated beaches. Here are Addicted's top five tips.

5. Cova d`es CulleramCalasalada

There are a few underground caves around Ibiza and the most fascinating is Cova d`es Culleram. Inside the caves lies a sanctuary to worship Tanit the Phoenician goddess and the area is considered one of the most important archaeological sites on the island. Cova d`es Culleram is located in the north east of the island around 25 kilometres from Ibiza Town.

4. Cala Salada

For beach babes that like to escape the crowds, a road trip to the pine-fringed Cala Salada takes only 15 minutes from San Antonio yet feels like it's on a different planet.

3. Dalt VillaDaltvila

This one is hard to miss, being situated right in the centre of Ibiza Town. Cross the drawbridge to Dalt Villa (Old Town) and you'll find cobbled streets, watchtowers and a castle, plus a few local spots for a cheeky afternoon cerveza (not if you're driving, mind).

2. Portinatx

For a day of relaxation exploring some of the island`s most unspoilt landscapes, head northwards on the road to Portinatx at the island`s northern tip, stopping off at wherever takes your fancy on the way. Situated less than 30 kilometres from Ibiza Town, the coast around Portinatx is a pretty assortment of sandy beaches and bays.

1. Es Cana

Some people think it's as tacky. Some people think it's great. If you don't know what to think, you can pay a fortune teller 30 euros and she will tell you. Taking place on Wednesdays, the Es Cana 'hippy market' has been around for years and is around 20 kilometres up the coast from Ibiza Town.

Due to its compact size and well developed roads, driving in Ibiza is an easy way to explore the many attractions of Ibiza. Renting a vehicle for all or part of your visit will really let you get off the beaten path and get to know the real Ibiza, not just the tourist areas. Drivers must stick to the right hand side of the road so do take extra care at roundabouts and junctions if you are used to driving on the left. If you are travelling with small children, either take your own car seat or ask the rental company in advance to ensure they have one available for your rental car. Speed limits are generally displayed in kilometres per hour, with a limit of 100 km/h on highways and 80 km/h in major towns usually imposed. If you want to organise car rental, Ibiza airport is a good place to collect your vehicle, although there are a number of alternative pick up locations that may suit you.