MmSpring is in the air and summer is
only a few months away.  Time to start m
aking plans for that  all important
trip back to the island – the original home of the bouncy Balearic beat; famous for its image – loud, brash, outrageous and undeniably fun! 
Every year the island attracts thousands of  you beautiful people, all
looking to escape the hectic life of reality for those few important
weeks to let your hair and down party by night, whilst chillin those
beautiful bodies on those gorgeous beaches by day.

We are all after those amazing summer
bodies.  Guys with a thick chest, broad shoulders and a tight
six back, and girls with a firm stomach, slender thighs and a tight
bum.  Are you looking for the above? Below are some top tips to
help you get or maintain a great shape for the summer….

  • Train at least 3-4 times
    a week. Make time in your busy daily schedule for fitness.  If
    you do struggle for time in the day, get up that extra hour earlier
    and you’ll feel bright eyed and bushy tailed for the day ahead.
  • Work your abs at least three
    times a week.  If you are looking to get great abs for the summer,
    try working your abs at the beginning and the end of your work-out.
    Perhaps you could work your lower abs at the start and you upper abs
    at the end?
  • Don’t forget your core!
    No I’m not just talking about your abs!  You have more muscles
    in your mid section than you are aware of.  Try googling ‘exercises
    for the core’ for some ideas….
  • Don’t forget CV! At least
    20 minutes every visit to the gym.  And don’t just go for the
    easy X trainer option every time
  • Ladies – don’t be afraid
    to use weights in your workouts.  Many ladies have said to me before
    they don’t want to use weights as they don’t want to get muscly. 
    The truth is you wont! Your body does not have enough testosterone to
    allow it!
  • Guys – don’t forget
    to work your legs! Believe it or not, working your leg muscles help
    release testosterone in the body.  Not only will your legs match
    your tone top half, but also you’ll help increase size
  • Supplements are a God send. 
    For both men and woman, you can today buy supplements from shops and
    online to help your gain muscle, tone up, lose fat and even increase
    energy levels (for those early morning workouts!) Maximuscle for example
    offer a huge range of products for both men and woman, all of which
    are tailored depending on your fitness goals.

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And we'll see you on
Salinas beach this summer, looking awesome no doubt!