PHRANK-2009-08-09-2041 Sunday in Ibiza is all about Space. Undisputed fact. We Love Space, the regular Sunday party running from 4pm until 6am the following day, is the ultimate Ibiza institution and defines the island globally. Every week the line-up reads like a Who's Who of dance music and Addicted headed down to the club on the night which hosted possibly the most interesting line-up of the summer: Sunday 9th August headlined by David Guetta and Grace Jones.

Despite the recession, a fall in visitor numbers to the island and a trend toward cheaper drinks prices than last year, We Love Space have raised their door tax this year to an eye-watering €70. The big question on everyone's lips: is it worth it? Certainly, enough people were prepared to find out – the club was rammed solid from the moment Addicted arrived.

PHRANK-2009-08-09-3136 The terrace at Space is possibly the most famous dancefloor on the planet and David Guetta knew how to set it on fire. He played an electro set with less cheese and more edge than his typical F**k me I'm Famous sets at Pacha, and the terrace was jammed solid for the two hours he played. Tracks included a sensational remix of La Roux's "In for the Kill", David Guetta's own remix of "I Gotta Feeling" which really captured the mood of the night, an electro-inspired reworking of his recent hit "When Love Takes Over" (sadly Miss Kelly wasn't in attendance) and a crazy electro track with the vocal 'Michael Jackson is Still Alive!' If the reaction of the crowd is a good judge, it is destined to start appearing everywhere soon. Look out for it.

All tribes unite for Space and the crowd is drawn from the various tribes that descend on Ibiza. Addicted was dancing next to two girls dressed for a Mayfair nightclub in D&G black dresses who looked like they listening to house music for the first time in their lives (they loved it, by the way).

The other big headliner of the evening was Grace Jones. The lady is a legend who needs little introduction. Her inclusion on the line-up was an interesting choice for a club like Space, and provided a source of intrigue that the island was talking about all week in the run up to the night. Unfortuantely, We Love Space put both Guetta and Jones on the line-up at the same time causing much distress for many in the club. After all, if you have paid €70 for a ticket you usually want to see both headliners.

Addicted made our way from the Terrace to the Discoteca at 3am to get a good spot for Jones' set. Jones came on stage half an hour late, but if anyone can be forgiven for being a diva, it's Grace Jones. She bursting out on stage and jumped straight into her seminal hit, Nightclubbing. The crowd approved.

PHRANK-2009-08-09-2342 But as the hits went on, the crowd started to get restless with her slow-paced jazz and started to slip away to other rooms where harder beats were being played. Grace Jones was always a gamble in a club like Space full of a crowd geared up for dance music, and ultimately, it was a gamble that Space didn't pull off. The consensus of the evening was that while a brave programming decision, Jones' sound just wasn't right for Space at 3am, and perhaps an early evening set on the sunset terrace might have been more appropriate.

As with all good nights at Space, it ended with a cerveza frio on the premier etage, a great place to meet new people and chill out after a hard night's dancing. To return to the question: is it worth it? The answer is probably yes. It's a lot of money, but at the same time, it's the most famous clubbing experience in the world. And if you come to Ibiza and miss We Love Space, then you are truly missing out.