Producer and DJ Felix da Housecat has been one of the biggest names in house and electro since his seminal 2001 album Kittenz and Thee Glitz. August 2009 not only sees the release of his new studio album, He Was King, but it also brings him back to Ibiza to play two hotly-anticipated dates at We Love Space. As soon as we heard, we caught up with Felix to chat about Ibiza, Prince and virginity. Here's what he had to say.

Felixweb2 Addicted: Let's kick off by talking about Ibiza. This summer you are playing some dates at We Love Space. What's your favourite thing about playing at Space?

Felix: I love We Love Space because they let me be me and do whatever I want. I can totally be myself there.

Addicted: There is always talk of somewhere being 'the new Ibiza', whether it's Brazil, Greece or somewhere else.  What do you think makes Ibiza unique?

Felix: There is only one Ibiza and it’s still doing its thing after all these years: sin!

Addicted: Tell us about the first time you went to Ibiza.

Felix: Oh my god, the first show I was ever booked to play in Ibiza was Sundissential at Pacha. They put me up in this horrible hotel. I mean, the worst hotel I have ever seen. There was no TV in the room! I called  the promoter to complain and he said I wouldn’t need a TV in Ibiza. Sure enough, he was right! That night my Ibiza virginity was taken; my Ibiza cherry was busted.

Addicted: Apart from Ibiza, where's your favourite place to play in the world?

Felix: I love playing in Spain, Brazil and Mexico.

Addicted: Your new album, He Was King, comes out next month. What were your big influences when composing this album?

Felix: I try never repeat myself on any album I do.  I am always
pushing myself creatively to another level.  Sometimes I reach back to
old ideas and make them newer and fresher, but I felt really relaxed, stress-free
and happy on this record.

Addicted: 'We all wanna be Prince' is the first track on your album. It begs the question …do you wanna be Prince?!

Felix: I am a leader not a follower so I don’t wanna be him.  I just love him!

Felixweb1 Addicted: Aside from tracks on your new album, what tunes are playing when you DJ this summer?

Felix: Felix Cartal, D.I.M. and Ducksauce

Addicted: Looking at your DJ schedule, you're on the road a lot! When do you find time to make music?

Felix: When I am on the road I just find studios and jump into them to work.  I am always trying to stay active and busy.

Addicted: What do you do to chill out?

Felix: Chill – that word does not exist to me.

Addicted: And finally, what is your top tip for anyone coming to Ibiza this summer?


Addicted: Felix da Housecat, thank you and see you at Space!

Felix da Housecat plays at We Love Space in Ibiza on 30th August and 20th September. His new album He Was King is out on August 24th (click here to pre-order) and his infectious new single We All Wanna Be Prince is out now (click here to listen, download and check out the remixes).