Every year, another hitherto unknown holiday destination is hailed as 'the new ibiza'. Ibiza is continually faced with threats to her status as queen of party islands, from legislation changes and club closures, to an expensive euro and the Spanish recession. Destination after destination tries to snatch Ibiza's crown – just where are these alternatives to Ibiza and do they live up to the hype? Addicted checks out the top five 'new ibizas'.

Brasil 5. Florianópolis, Brazil

This 33-mile long island 450 miles south of Rio has come of age in the last few years, challenging Punta del Este as destination of choice for the South American jet set. Boasting its own massive outpost of Ibizan club Pacha and more beautiful people than you can shake a churro at, this should be your winter sun destination of choice when craving a bit of Ibiza in January.

4. Dubrovnik and islands, Croatia

Resting just outside of the Euro-zone, Croatia provides white sandy party beaches at a fraction of the cost of her Western neighbours. From the cobbled streets of Dubrovnik, head to one of the many islands offshore and up the coast or chill out at the beach bars of nearby Banje beach for a taste of Ibiza on a budget.

Mykonos 3. Mykonos, Greece

The other Mediterranean party island attracts loyal visitors year after year, attracted by amazing villas and crazy beach bars. Consistent with it's partying reputation, Mykonos has become popular with both gay travellers and Australian backpackers, and provides the perfect base from which to island-hop around Greece.

2. Miami, USA

The only credible challenger to Ibiza as the spiritual home of dance music, Miami's winter music conference needs no introduction. A 'love it' or 'hate it' destination, Miami's obsession with status and the body beautiful even surpasses Ibiza. Critics lament it is Ibiza without the fun and say the best parties can be difficult to penetrate. That said, it's difficult to not have fun in the glorious Florida sun. One to consider if the dollar gets cheap again.

1. Ibiza, Spain

In Ibiza there is a saying: 'Pacha es Pacha'. Well equally, Eivissa es Eivissa. Just as black is forever the new black, Ibiza is always the new Ibiza. Every year the island is knocked, but every year it makes a comeback. It evolves, it changes, it doesn't grow old. New legislation forces tired venues to improve and keeps the island fresh. When dancing outdoors was banned, the new terrace at Space turned out to be even better than the old one. When DC-10 was closed down, the Zoo Project filled the gap. We're not abandoning the old girl yet.

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