Defected are an Ibiza institution, bringing their blend of straight-up house music to the island summer after summer. This year they take over the prestigious Saturday night slot at Pacha and running the show is Defected’s Ibiza resident Miss Divine. Addicted caught up with Miss Divine to chat about partying hard at Pacha and chilling out by beach.

1 Addicted: Together with the Defected crew, this summer you are hosting Saturday night at Pacha, which must be incredible. What's your favourite thing about Pacha?

Miss Divine: It’s got to be the people. There’s a real cosmopolitan crowd that attend our night every week. People come from all over the world.  Defected is a global brand and house speaks the international language so its one hell of a party every Saturday.  Lots of hands in the air action and smiling faces.

Addicted: When it comes to clubbing, there is heaps of choice in Ibiza. What makes a night at Defected unique?

Miss Divine: I think Defected is definitely up there in the leaders of house. The label represents past, present and future, which makes us a strong contender in Ibiza.  We fly over some of the best house DJ’s every week- names such as Kenny Dope or Frankie Knuckles rarely play anywhere outside of the US so to be able to hear them playing for Defected in Ibiza at Pacha is pretty special.

4 Addicted: Are you noticing any big trends in the music heard on the island this summer?

Miss Divine: Yes and No, the music changes throughout the season, it always gets a bit tougher towards August time. House is definitely back and all the big DJs are playing it, its definitely ruling the dancefloors this year.

Addicted: Speaking of music, what are your top three tunes for summer 2009?

Miss Divine: I would have to say a track called Con Alegria by DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto. Second choice is Joris Voorn – Sweep the Floor and third choice is a track that has been bubbling on the underground for a while called La Mezcla by Michael Cleis, just picked up by Strictly Rhythm.

Addicted: Tell us about the first time you went to Ibiza.

Miss Divine: My first time was in 2000 and I was very much into Hard House and Trance, I went to Eden every single night.  It took me a few more years before I saw a sunset or discovered the other clubs.  2005 was my first year working and fell in love with Techno and Amnesia, I went to Cocoon and Defected every week without fail.  That was a wicked summer.

3 Addicted: There is always talk of somewhere being 'the new Ibiza', whether its Croatia, Greece or somewhere else. What do you think makes the real Ibiza unique?

Miss Divine: There’s no other place on the planet like Ibiza, yes it is starting to look a bit tired and there are a lot more politics out here now but Ibiza has been the worlds party island since back in the 70’s and no amount of new laws will ever stop people coming here.  The beaches are beautiful, the restaurants are fantastic, the sunsets are out of this world, something so simple can move people to tears and make them stand up and applaud the sun going down, I’ve never been anywhere else in the world where people do that.  The clubs for me are some of the best I've ever been to, plus where in the world can you see a massive DJ or promotion every night of the week.  Ibiza is the one.

Addicted: As someone who spends a lot of time in Ibiza, you must have some favourite places off the beaten path. What's your favourite thing to do / place to go on the island that our readers may not have thought about?

Miss Divine: I love to eat paella at one of my favourite restaurants on the road to Salinas, it feels like home because your actually sitting in someone’s garden. It's great to get group of friends together and hang out for the afternoon there. Benirras beach is another favourite of mine.  I like to hang out there on a Sunday and watch the hippies beat the sun down with their drums, it’s a pretty special place.  When I need some time out I like to just chill out on the rocks with my iPod and listen to some soul and funk. 

2 Addicted: And finally, what is your top tip for anyone coming to Ibiza this summer?

Miss Divine: There are lots of things to do other than partying in Ibiza and I don’t think enough people come out here and actually see the other side of the island.  You can do Ibiza on a budget and still have a great time.  Choose two or three big nights that you want to go to (make sure Defected is one of them!) and spend the rest of the time visiting the different beaches or restaurants Ibiza has to offer.   Take a boat trip, go to the water park, hire a car and take a picnic to the beach.  It hasn’t all got be 24 7 partying.

Addicted: Miss Divine, thank you for speaking to us. See you at Pacha!

For a preview of what lies in store at Pacha this summer, check out Miss Divine's latest mix for Defected – Clubland Adventures Episode 8 – now available online. Click here to preview and download.