Facebook sunrise photo As anyone who has seen the sun rise over Ibiza town will testify, the white isle is a rather beautiful place. Most people come back from Ibiza with at least one fantastic shot that truly captures the essence of their trip. We're looking for these photos to exhibit on Addicted to Ibiza, to give everyone who hasn't had the chance to visit Ibiza an opportunity to see the island at its finest.

Over 2,000 photos have been posted to our Facebook page, so we know loads of you have pictures. Please pick your best and send them in! The winner will receive a very special photographic prize – a beautifully bound coffee table book with all the short-listed competition entries – and on top of that, prime exposure on Addicted to Ibiza.

I love ibiza Each person is allowed to submit up to five photos and the competition is open to professionals and amateurs alike. We'll post the shortlisted entries on a web site and allow users to vote for their favourites.

Please e-mail all entries to photography@www.addictedtoibiza.com and send photos as JPEGs. If you're still to go to Ibiza this summer, don't forget to snap like crazy!