Plane We've all heard the story countless times. The credit crunch means more people aren't going on holiday this summer and the expensive Euro is encouraging people outside of the eurozone to stay at home. But what does this actually mean for those of us who fancy a cheeky last-minute trip to Ibiza?

It's good news! Airline bookings are down, planes are flying half-empty and that can only mean one thing: cheap flights. Addicted has tracked down some fantastic deals for readers in the UK, France, Italy and Spain who are in the mood for some Balearic sun.

From the UK, if you're based in the north and fancy a quick tip next week, we found flights from Thomson for only £74 inc tax. That's leaving on 13th July and coming back on 16th July. Moreover, we found many flights with Monarch for £38 one way inc tax.

On the whole, London is a more expensive place to travel from due to exorbitant airport taxes, but there are still bargains to be had. Addicted found a return flight with Thomson for only £74 inc tax, flying out on 11th August and coming back two weeks later.

Airport If you want to go to the closing parties then now is the time to book. Addicted found some bargain basement flights from London, flying out on Sat 12th September for just £15 inc tax and coming back a few days later for £30. When you deduct taxes from these fares, the flights are pretty much free.

Combining airlines can save money too. Addicted found an amazing closing party deal for our French readers. Flying from Paris on Monday 7th September on Vueling and returning on Saturday 12th September with Easyjet will only cost a combined total of €103. That's much cheaper than booking a round trip with either airline. In order to compare return deals flying with different airlines in either direction, use a flight comparison web site such as Skyscanner (In English) (En Español).

It's not too late to book a mid-season trip either. For our Italian readers, Addicted found one-way tickets from Milan to Ibiza with Easyjet on 19th August for €19 inc tax. Similar fares are available on a whole range of dates towards the end of August.

Plane2 Our Spanish readers know that they are only a hop, skip and jump away from Ibiza. But have our readers from further afield considered a mini-break in Spain combined with a couple of cheeky days at the Ibiza closing parties? Why not go to Madrid, enjoy a few beautiful days eating tapas in the Spanish capital, then make the short flight to Ibiza. Easyjet currently have fares from Madrid to Ibiza for just €36 return inc taxes. That's flying out on Tuesday 1st September and coming back on Friday 4th September. Plenty of time to squeeze in a few parties and some beach hours.

Click here to see flight prices from your closest airport using Addicted to Ibiza's flight search tool.