Awdio logo Can't afford a flight to Ibiza? Or perhaps you just can't wait until you get there? Here's the solution: don't go to Ibiza, bring Ibiza to you. That's the promise from a revolutionary new web music service called Awdio. To see if Awdio lives up to this promise, Addicted kicked back at home, turned the volume up, cracked open a bottle of Ibiza Ice and gave it a test drive.

Awdio isn't your average internet radio station. Instead, they broadcast live sets from DJs playing in the top clubs around the world in real time. So even if you are sitting on a remote island in Scotland, you can hear exactly whats going on at the main dance floor in Privilege or the poolside bar at Hotel Es Vive. Addicted reckons live streaming music could be a nice angle for an Ibiza house party!

Some big names are already signed up. Meganite, Supermartxe and Monza are all broadcast live from Privilege, while KM5, Hotel Es Vive, Kanya, Savannah and others all broadcast live music from their bars. If this concept takes off, we are sure more will follow.

Once we had hooked up the MacBook to some speakers, the quality was fantastic. It wasn't quite the same as being in Ibiza, but it was as close as we got on a rainy Monday evening in London.

Click here to check out Awdio and do let us know what you think.