Clubbing in Ibiza is almost synonymous with Sundays on the terrace at Space. We Love Space is now in its’ eleventh year and once again the line-up reads like a “who’s who” of dance music. Addicted caught up with the man behind it all, Mark Broadbent, to talk about what's in store for 2009.

PHRANK-2009-06-21-5205 Addicted: Sundays at Space have become the ultimate Ibiza institution. Do you find it challenging to keep it fresh every year?

Mark: It’s a labour of love – challenging but great fun. Of late it has become easier due to our customers faith in what we do and the fantastic amount of talent available.

Addicted: What do you think sets We Love apart from other nights in Ibiza?

Mark: Daring programming. Musically, we bring something new to the table every year rather than sticking to a tried, tested and ultimately boring format that most club nights seem to stick to.

Addicted: One of this years headliners at We Love is Grace Jones. As an artist she is very different to the big name DJs that occupy the bulk of the line-up. Is this a change in direction for the club?

Mark: Not really, she would have been booked earlier if she had made herself available. With her new album out she has decided to tour again and we benefit from this. We love have always strived to showcase what we feel is hot at the moment and there is nobody even close to Grace Jones right now.

PHRANK-2009-06-21-4100 Addicted: There was a lot of concern last year that new laws restricting club opening hours were going to fundamentally change the Ibiza clubbing scene and as a former 22-hour party We Love was directly affected. How do you think the clubbing scene has changed since the new legislation? Do you think it has been good or bad for the island?

Mark: Ultimately it is a good thing for most of us who live here full time as there are plenty of cool after parties if you know where to look for them. It has changed the face of We Love… for the better as far as we are concerned. When we put a roof on the Space terrace five years ago that was the biggest change to the islands clubbing habits there has been so far and we have gone from strength to strength since then…change is good most of the time.

Addicted: 2009 is a year of great uncertainty – the credit crunch has hit Spain hard, the euro is expensive and the Ibiza government's tourist policy divisive and controversial. How do you see Ibiza changing over the next couple of years?

Mark: As it previous ‘down’ years, it will sort the wheat from the chaff – and end up strengthening what we all do here.

Addicted: As someone who knows Ibiza well, what's your favourite place on the island?

PHRANK-2009-06-21-4410 Mark: Sa Penya. It’s the "real" Ibiza.

Addicted: And finally, if you have one tip for people going to Ibiza this summer, what would it be?

Mark: Bring plenty of money, an open friendly outlook …and lube!

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