It’s after dark and you’re a bit lost in the hire car trying to find Amnesia. What road do you take? It’s 4am and you’ve just stumbled out of a club with a serious craving for some late-night grub. Where’s the nearest café? And more to the point, is it any good?
Iphone In the past, you would need a hardened Ibiza guru as part of your group to know the answers to questions such as these. Now all you need is an iPhone or an iPod Touch.

Addicted has just set our eyes on what could be the ultimate Ibiza accessory this summer: the ‘Clubber’s Guide to Ibiza’ for your iPhone. Released last week by Ministry of Sound, the application uses GPS to guide you to the nearest club, bar or restaurant. It also features reviews of every venue so you can check them out before you start walking.

For those impromptu ‘quiet nights’ when you only decide to go clubbing after the second bottle of cava at dinner, the Clubbers Guide can tell you what’s happening that evening and maybe give you a special offer too. Then when the night is over, it will connect you straight to a taxi company to help you make your way back home. It doesn’t need to cost you a fortune in roaming charges either as it even includes a feature to locate the nearest free wi-fi hotspot on the island.

Addicted can’t wait to put this app to use over the next few weeks. If you’re already using it, let us know about your experience.

Click here to find out more and download from iTunes.