Ibiza has always been a destination of choice for the rich and famous. The Balearics were once the playground of the Spanish aristocracy and a quick glance at the number of exclusive villas around the island tells you that little has changed. Even before the A-listers touch down in their private jet for a summer break, Ibiza is already celeb-plenty with full-time residents such as Jade Jagger not to mention many of the world’s top DJs. But just so you know who to look out for, here are Addicted’s top five tips for who the paparazzi will be chasing this summer.

5. James BluntP-Diddy
Could the ubquitious middle-of-the-road crooner have a secret penchant for house music? Who knows. What we do know is that he bought a €2.5m secluded luxury villa in 2006 where he penned his last album.
Where will he be? Hosting parties in his villa deep in the hills.

4. Prince William
The heir-to-the-throne famously took girlfriend Kate Middleton to the white isle in 2006. As we all know, Ibiza is an addiction. Could 2009 be their year to return? Or will he leave that to his younger brother…
Where will he be? Surrounded by an army of royal protection guards. Sorry girls.

3. Jordan
After her superbly publicised marriage breakdown, the rumour mill says that everyone’s favourite glamour model has tickets booked for a trip in July. And if you believe the tabloid hype there isn’t a party that Katie Price isn’t attending right now, so she’s going to be easy to spot.
Where will she be? Anywhere with a flashbulb.

2. P DiddyKatemoss
Legend says that P Diddy pulled up his yacht in Ibiza a few years ago and fell in love with house music. It led to a rather bizarre attempt at making dance music (anyone remember Let’s Get Ill?) and an infamous YouTube video of Diddy getting down with the crowds on the main dancefloor at DC-10.
Where will he be? Lounging on his super-yacht moored just off shore. When he comes on to the island, Addicted reckon he’ll be throwing shapes at the Zoo Project now DC-10 is no more.

1. Kate Moss
If there ever was a celebrity who is addicted to Ibiza, it is Kate. Last spotted in August 2008, Kate is an Ibiza regular and truly one of us. The question isn’t if she will be coming to Ibiza this summer, the question is how often.
Where will she be? Chilling by the beach at the Blue Marlin, cigarette and wine in hand.