The last time Addicted went on holiday, our suitcase contained more gadgets and cables than t-shirts (maybe it’s a boy thing). Every year we seem to take more and more electronics with us, so here is our guide to five compact, suitcase-friendly essentials you can’t be without this summer.

5. The Ibiza-proof digital camera

Ibiza is a harsh environment full of the three things cameras don’t like: sand, water and nightclubs. Don’t be one of the many people return home with a broken camera and an insurance claim, check out this brand new model from Olympus. The mju-tough is sand-proof (perfect for the beach), water-proof (perfect for the pool, sea or drink spills) and drop-proof (perfect for those wobbly 4am club photos). Moreover, as part of the Olympus mju range, the picture quality from the 10-megapixel camera is stunning. Check it out.

4. The pimp daddy of travel adaptersAppletravelkit

This item is vital for all our readers from the UK, Ireland or outside Europe. We all forget to pack a plug adapter before we leave. We then end up running out of phone battery after two days and waste an afternoon searching San Antonio supermarkets for an extortionately overpriced adapter that we pray won’t short-circuit our precious electronics. Jetsetters in the know invest in Apple’s global traveller kit, providing them with a local plug for their iPhone, iPod and MacBook wherever they venture in the world. Vital for the stylish global nomad.

3. The Europe-wide sat-navTomtom

Your Ibiza villa will probably be located in the middle of the island, down a network of local roads reached by turning off the main road at an obscure junction. Sat-nav will be vital for remembering how to drive back there after dark. It’s also vital if you want to reach any beaches that are off the beaten path. Most car hire companies will rent sat-nav systems as an optional extra but the hire costs add up over the course of a week. It is often just as cheap to buy your own system and take it with you. This Tom-Tom has map data for all of Europe, so you can use it while you are away and it’s also good to use back home.

2. The essential headphonesHeadphones

Have you ever tried to use the standard iPod headphones on a plane? In short: don’t. Even at full volume you’ll not hear the music properly due to the noise of the engines. And at that volume you could damage your hearing in the process – not something you want before a week of quality house music. White noise headphones and Shure sound-isolaters are great but cost a small fortune, however Addicted have tracked down this pocket-money priced product that works a treat. Without a doubt the cheapest sound-isolating headphones on the market, the Creative Labs EP-630 comes with a rubber seal that block out external noise and the sound quality is as good as headphones that cost ten times as much. An essential.

1. The must-have Ibiza gadget

If you buy nothing else, buy these! iPod speakers are an absolute must for villa parties, days on the beach and chillout sounds the morning after. We’ve test driven a lot of speakers and this system offers the best combination of value and quality. The volume you will get out of these compact speakers rivals much larger stereos, and the quality of sound is fantastic – just as good as expensive competitors such as the Bose SoundDock. It also has a built-in rechargeable battery so you can take it anywhere. Moreover, it comes in both black and white to match your iPod. The Logitech Pure-fi Anywhere is Addicted’s must-have gadget for summer 2009. Just don’t forget your iPod