Our beloved white isle isn’t exactly famous for bargains, but I’m not prepared to cancel my annual trip just because of the credit crunch and the sky-high Euro exchange rate. Neither should you, that’s why we have put together five easy ways to enjoy Ibiza on a budget this summer, allowing you to soak up the Balearics in these cash-strapped times without breaking the bank.

5. Picnic on Salinas BeachSalinas
Salinas beach, just a short drive from Ibiza Town and Playa d’en Bossa, is famous for beautiful people and fantastic food in a national park setting unspoilt by tourist hotels. But instead of paying top dollar for lunch at the Jockey Club, why not take a picnic to the beach. Right beside the bus stop at Salinas beach (towards the rear of the car park) is a small supermarket where you can buy delicious Spanish cheeses and hams from the deli counter. Take them to the beach with a cheap bottle of vino rosado and think how much money you’ve saved to spend that night. If you pass through Ibiza Town on the way even better – pick up some fresh bread from one of the many bakeries. Just remember to take your rubbish with you! Map

4. Get into Pacha for free
Well, almost. Pacha Ibiza might be the most famous club in the world, but it is also famous for €70 door charges and €17 drinks. Instead, book dinner at Pacha restaurant and you will get free entry into the club once you have finished your meal. Furthermore, drinks in the restaurant are a fraction of the club price. The restaurant serves some of the best food on the island including modern Spanish dishes and an exquisite sushi menu. Reservations are essential (they have sittings at 10pm and midnight). Expect to pay between €50-€75 a person for dinner including wine, probably around what you would pay for the door tax alone. Reservations: +34 971 310 959

3. Party at Bora Bora
Every Ibiza newcomer never fails to be amazed that Bora Bora has no door tax. Space charges €50 a head to dance on the terrace, but just across the road Bora Bora provides the same experience for the cost of a beer – plus its right on the beach. Get there in the afternoon when you can look over the sea while dancing on the terrace, an Ibiza experience not to be missed. In the evening they are required to put a wall around the bar by local law.

2. Take a walk
You’ve probably spent the two months before your Ibiza trip slogging away in the gym in pursuit of the perfect beach body. Why waste all of that hard work in an orgy of food and drink during your trip? You don’t have to spend your party money on an elite health spa (although Ibiza does have many should the fancy take you), simply get up early one morning (well, before lunch), put on your walking shoes and go see why people have flocked to this beautiful island for centuries. The hike from Playa d’es Cavallet to Salinas beach lasts around an hour, takes you past an old lighthouse and secluded coves, and finishes right next to Sa Trinxa beach bar for a much needed fruit juice (or a cocktail, if all the hiking is too much for you). Don’t do the hike the other way, as it is much easier to catch a taxi or public transport from Salinas. You need to get a taxi or drive to Playa d’es Cavallet. Don’t forget a map!

1. Don’t spend all your money before you arrive
The competition between airlines for flights to Ibiza has never been greater – particularly in 2009 as flight bookings are down. Use a price comparison website such as Skyscanner to find the best bargain. It compares all airlines – you can see prices from full-service carriers such as British Airways and Iberia alongside local Spanish budget airlines such as Vueling in order to get the best deal on the dates you want to fly. You could find yourself on a full-service airline with complementary food and drinks for less than the price you would pay on EasyJet. And that’s more money left in your pocket to spend where it matters – in the sun.