In early 2008, a few people got together on facebook to talk about Ibiza. That small community rapidly grew and now over 160,000 Ibiza addicts are using the facebook page to share advice on where is hot on the island this summer.  Now the summer 2009 season is getting underway, the time has come to expand beyond our facebook page and launch a web site for Ibiza fans across the world:

Not only will we be bringing you top features from the people who know the island best, but we are talking to the biggest names on the island to bring you exclusives available nowhere else. Our 160,000 members gives us incredible clout, so don't miss out. Make sure you are subscribed to our fan page on facebook, signed up to our e-mail list and invite your friends too.

Buy your new sunglasses – this summer is going to be a scorcher!

Balearic love,

Addicted x