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In early 2008, a few people got together on Facebook to talk about Ibiza. That small community rapidly grew and quickly became the largest Ibiza community on the web: at time of writing over 268,000 Ibiza addicts connect with us via our Facebook page and every story we publish receives over 60,000 impressions. The counter on the bottom-right of this page shows you how many fans we have today. grew out of this Facebook community to meet an overwhelming demand for quality online media targeted at people who are passionate about Ibiza and are making their regular trip to the island this summer. We enhanced this offering in July 2011 by launching Addicted to Ibiza Exclusive Deals. There are four main components of Addicted to Ibiza:

  1. Our magazine at – Our core offering provides regular features to our massive audience, covering events happening on the island as well as lifestyle features with a connection to the island, from house music to restaurants to fashion.
  2. Our community at – We actively manage and curate the biggest forum for discussion about Ibiza on the web.
  3. Our deals website – Offering exclusive discounts at bars, clubs and restaurants on the island.
  4. Our iPhone app – Connecting people with Addicted to Ibiza while they are on the island and away from their desk.

The sheer size of our community makes us the biggest mass communication channel for anyone interested in speaking to people who are going to Ibiza this summer. It also means we are able to talk to the biggest names on the island to bring our readers exclusives available nowhere else. 

There are a lot of niche websites focused upon the dance music and clubbing markets in Ibiza. We love dance music, but it doesn’t define us. We recognize this is just one aspect of the Ibiza identity, alongside hip restaurants, hotels, spas and fashion. Ibiza isn’t just a holiday destination – it’s much more. Ibiza is an island of contradictions: debauched yet refined, crazy yet respectable, fun but taken seriously. An annual trip to Ibiza defines people – it’s a lifestyle choice that our fans celebrate all year long through the music they listen to and the products they consume. People don’t just visit Ibiza, they are addicted to the island. We understand this and deliver content our users enjoy and share with their friends.

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