Ibiza Flight Delays

Hopefully when you are travelling to Ibiza it is as stress free as possible.

However there may come a time when your flight is delayed either on your outward or return leg of your journey.

Make A Claim Now

There is a brand new service just launched where you can make a claim if you are delayed over 3 hours. The company is called Delayed Again and you can find out all the details here.

Here are a few points you may like to know

Claim up to 600 Euros in flight delay compensation!

If you have been delayed for 3 hours or more in the last 6 years on an EU flight* (An EU flight is where the flight departed from an EU airport, regardless of the airline OR where an EU airline landed at an EU airport.)

If you don’t win you don’t pay!

Some questions you may have…

How Much Do I Pay For the Service?

You will only have to pay if your claim is successful. For successful claims, the fee is 25% of the compensation plus an admin fee of £25 per person* (plus Applicable VAT).

What Documents Do I Need To Make a Claim?

To begin your claim from an airline, you must ensure you have relevant information for Delayed Again to help you. Please provide your booking details, including information such as the airline company, date of the flight, flight number, flight delay length and the reasons for the flight delay. If you are unable to provide all of this information, then they can help to find out for you.

Can I Claim If I Don’t Live in the UK?

Absolutely! If your flight was with a European airline company, such as Monarch and the flight in question was to or from an airport situated in Europe, it is likely that they can file a claim for you – even if you do not live in the UK currently!

How Long Does Claiming Take?

This varies depending on the type of claim they file for you and is governed by the specific set of laws applicable to your case. Currently, there’s no set timeframe for compensation awards, but typically they say around 4-12 weeks of filing your claim. Airlines are likely to be inundated with large numbers of delay compensation claims.

How Far Back Can I Claim?

You can claim for flights that have departed in the last 6 years, as long as the flight departed or arrived in the EU via an EU airline.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Make A Claim Now